Social Responsibility


KSS Group has made  critical commitments by reliably supporting nearby groups through different Environmental & Social Initiatives.

Social duty regarding us is not just an intentional commitment into social, monetary and natural advancement of society however marker of Company’s business standing.


Whatever area ventures are being acknowledged KSS is dependably intently collaborates with neighborhood government bodies to help nearby groups to the utmost.

Over 10 years of KSS Group Company presence more than 100 sponsorship ventures have been realized.

We give careful consideration to socially unprotected social gatherings specifically shelters, veterans, matured people and crippled individuals. KSS renders support help to philanthropy stores, vagrant havens, social insurance associations, preschool offices and schools and additionally to people connected for help:

  • Sponsorship support to Mugalzhar District nearby organization of Aktobe locale for completing of warming season preparation
  • Sponsorship support to International Boxing Association (AIBA)
  • Sponsorship support to volleyball competition for the Cup of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Charity support to Oblast Association of Zhambyl Football Federation
  • Sponsorship support to KAZENERGY for execution of occasions gave to 65th commemoration of World War II
  • Sponsorship support to “Ayala” Private Charity Fund for buying of medicinal equipment
  • Sponsorship support to the branch of religious group Spiritual Governance of Muslims of Kazakhstan for upkeep of Abakhalis Karimuly mosque
  • Sponsorship support to Zhambyl District Red Crescent Society
  • Charity bolster inside the structures of RoK President’s arrange “About “PARYZ” Competition on Social Responsibility of Business” to “Ardager” World War II and Labor veterans bolster fund
  • Charity support to Baurzhan Momyshuly Charity Fund in perspective of 100th celebration of Baurzhan Momyshuly, the Soviet Union Hero.
  • Sponsorship support to Rakhymshyldyk Public Association for regarding of World War II veterans inside the systems of 65th commemoration of the Victory Day
  • Charity support to Zhansugurov Fund for failures by surge in Kyzylagash town, Almaty oblast, Aksu District
  • Material support to Mercy Voluntary Association for restorative treatment of a tyke (determination - eye-ball swelling of both eyes)
  • Distribution of Blankets by KSS Petron to the vagrants whose hutments were pulverized by the Railways on its property in Mansarovar Park of East Delhi in India.